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AddÉnergie provides electric vehicle drivers of the Electric Circuit and the FLO network two mobile applications offering multiple features.

The main features offered via these applications:

  • Locates the charging stations on an interactive map. The map shows the status of the stations (available or occupied), the fee for the charging service, the stations’ address and directions for getting there.
  • Allows users to search for stations based on their number or using an interactive map.
  • Can be used to activate charging on remotely controlled stations by using the “Start Session” button, without needing an access card.
  • Shows the energy transferred to the vehicle, the length of the charging session, and the cost of the charging session once the vehicle begins charging, all in real-time.
  • Allows payment by credit card, depending on certain conditions, directly at the station, by entering credit card information in complete security in the appropriate section of the application. This applies to non-members of the network.
  • Offers the possibility for members to save certain stations as their favourites, to allow easier access when near them.
  • Allows account creation, access card orders and fund transfers to the account.
  • Offers the possibility for the user, once they’re in a parking lot, to visually identify a charging station by flashing its status light by using the “Identify” button. This option is practical when there are many stations and the user wishes to activate the station that is in front of his/her vehicle.
  • Makes consulting the charging session history simple, thanks to a user-friendly interface.

Electric Circuit – Start session

Mobile applications can be downloaded from Apple’s App Store and Google Play.

To download the application for Android phone

To download the application for IPhone
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Electric Circuit

To download the application forAndroid phone

To download the application for IPhone
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