FLO network

What is a charging station network?

A charging station network is a group of smart stations connected to a cloud-based centralized management server. This central server, which is the heart of the network, contains the management software, the database, and the communication interfaces which enable the operation of the network, and support the electric vehicle drivers and station owners.

What network infrastructures offer you:

Each network possesses its own web portal, giving access to various information about charging station use and access to various configuration options depending on the type of user. In fact, there are three types of network users:

  • Network operator
  • Station owner
  • The user (electric vehicle drivers)

What is the FLO network

The FLO network is the most important charging station network in Canada, having more than 2500 stations connected and managed remotely. This is designed for clients that want to offer a quality charging service for Rechargeable Electric Vehicle (REV) drivers (the public, employees, multi-residential, etc.) that visit their parking lots. This network, entirely managed by AddÉnergie, aims to ensure that Canadian electric vehicle drivers are supported for the charging of their vehicles, no matter the type of parking lot.


How to Become a Partner

You want to offer a charging service in your parking lot by using one of the AddÉnergie solutions, and are satisfied with the usage rules of the FLO network? Contact one of our representatives.

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Mobile Application

To facilitate the stations’ accessibility for electric vehicle drivers, we’ve launched a mobile application that greatly improves the experience of users.

Discover the functions of the FLO network mobile application

  1. Locates the charging stations by consulting the network’s interactive map. The map shows the status of the stations (available or occupied), their usage fee, their address and directions for getting to them.
  2. Allows the user to search for charging stations based on their number or using the interactive map.
  3. Can be used to activate charging stations remotely by using the “Start Session” button, without needing an access card.
  4. Shows the energy transferred to the vehicle, the length of the charging session, and the cost of the charge once the vehicle begins charging, all in real-time.
  5. Allows payment by credit card, depending on certain conditions, directly at the station by entering credit card information in complete security in the appropriate section of the application. This applies to non-members of the network.
  6. Offers the possibility for members to save certain stations as their favourites, to allow easier access when near them.
  7. Allows account creation, access card orders and fund transfers to the account.
  8. Offers the possibility for the user, once they’re in a parking lot, to visually identify a charging station by flashing its status light by using the “Identify” button. This option is practical when there are many stations and the user wishes to activate the station that is in front of his/her vehicle.
  9. Makes consulting the charging session history simple, thanks to a user-friendly interface.

Download the application

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To download the application on your iPhone

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Web Portals

Discover the FLO network’s different Web Portals

Three portals were created by AddÉnergie so that both network owners and electric vehicle drivers can consult various information.

Operator’s Web Portal

This portal is offered to operators for which AddÉnergie has created a network of charging stations. We offer an Operator’s Web Portal, allowing operators to manage their network in its entirety. Therefore, the operators can be completely autonomous when offering the charging solutions proposed by AddÉnergie to their clients that own charging stations, while offering a charging service for their clients that drive electric vehicles and are members of their network.



Owner’s Web Portal

This portal is offered to all owners of charging stations connected to one of the networks serviced by AddÉnergie. The operator of the network offers an Owner’s Web Portal, offering one or more charging solutions from AddÉnergie. Therefore, these owners are capable of offering a charging service to their clients that drive electric vehicles and are members of their network.


User Web Portal

This portal is offered to electric vehicles drivers that are members of one of the networks serviced by AddÉnergie. The operator of the network offers a User Web Portal, allowing members to use the charging service.