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AddÉnergie is the Canadian leader in smart charging solutions for electric vehicles. The company develops, manufactures and operates charging solutions for all market segments such as the public sector, employers, multi-residential, fleets, residential, etc. The company is the provider of the charging infrastructure for the Electric Circuit and FLO network, the two largest charging station networks in Canada, with more than 2,500 charging stations. AddÉnergie provides the products and software necessary to manage these networks. AddÉnergie will soon launch new networks with international partners.



Founded in Quebec in 2009, AddÉnergie is now the leader in smart charging solutions for electric vehicles in Canada and is growing on the international scene.

Passionate about electric vehicles and Smart Grid, Louis Tremblay and his team aim to be catalysts for the electric vehicles adoption. They have identified smart charging network infrastructure as one of the essential cornerstones of this industry and its growth. This is why AddÉnergie has become the engine powering the development of smart charging solutions, allowing the creation of interconnected charging station networks all managed with cloud-based servers. This makes the management of charging station networks efficient, on top of offering higher value functionalities to charging station owners and electric vehicle drivers.

Today, AddÉnergie manages over 2,500 charging stations nationwide, all connected to the FLO network and the Electric Circuit; which supply almost 15,000 electric vehicles, thus charging thousands of vehicles per month. Hundreds of public and private companies have already acquired AddÉnergie charging stations. The owners of such stations equip their parking lots to offer service however they choose, be it to the general public, their employees, their residents, or their own fleet of vehicles. This is why AddÉnergie offers smart charging solutions optimized to simplify the experience for both the owners of the charging stations and the electric vehicles drivers. This way, AddÉnergie can fulfill their mission of helping the transfer from gas to electricity.

Innovate to stay on top, Consolidate the company to grow internationally, Develop and Create new jobs in Canada: these four guidelines will lead the way for AddÉnergie’s team for the coming years.


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