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Electric Circuit Network

What is a charging station network?

A network of charging stations is a group of smart stations connected to a cloud-based centralized management server. This central server, which is the heart of the network, contains the management software, the database, and the communication interfaces which enable the operation of the network, and support the electric vehicle drivers and station owners.


What network infrastructures offers you:

Each network possesses its own web portal, giving access to various information about charging station use and access to various configuration options depending on the type of user. In fact, there are three types of network users:

  • Network operator
  • Station owner
  • The user (electric vehicle drivers)


What is the Electric Circuit?

The first charging station network in Canada, the Electric Circuit includes more than 800 240-volt and 400-volts charging stations offering service mostly in parking lots of AMT, multiple RONA hardware stores, Metro grocery stores, and St-Hubert Rôtisseries in the Quebec territory. Since its inauguration on the 30th of March 2012, 24 other private and institutional partners have joined the Electric Circuit. It will continue expanding so that it can offer its services to a larger geographical area (and therefore, more EV drivers) in many regions of Quebec, and soon in Ontario.