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Mission, vision, values



Ease electric vehicles adoption and integration with smart charging solutions.



Become the worldwide leader in electric vehicle smart charging solutions in all market segments, be it public, employer, multi-residential, fleets, residential, etc.



Among all the values held at AddÉnergie, five of them are of prime importance and reflect the ideal candidate we look for to join our team. All our employees hold these fundamental values, and live and practice them every day.

Innovation: This fundamental value is directly linked to the success of AddÉnergie. All the products and services we offer are inspired by our desire to always surpass client expectations, while always offering them the most advanced technologies. We’re always pushing the envelope.

Excellence: Always making sure to offer quality products and services, we force ourselves every day to achieve excellence. We always want to surpass ourselves, therefore offering the best for our clients.

Engagement: Honoring our engagement towards our employees, clients, partners, etc. is always a top concern of ours. We always engage ourselves to satisfy their needs and expectations. We also engage ourselves to maintain our sustainable development initiatives, as this is an essential value for AddÉnergie.

Honesty: Characterized by this value, every member of our team prides their professional and commercial work on honesty. This implies maintaining a high level of ethical professionalism.

Proactivity: Always thinking ahead of our clients’ needs, our company spirit is largely based on proactivity. We always listen to our clients and their various situations, so we can work with them, thereby adding value to our offer, and simplifying their experience. We evaluate and create value that we can offer to our clients.